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HMOs ~ Health Maintenance Organizations

Types of HMOs:
(Information below was reposted with the permission of the New England Association of HMOs)

· A Staff Model HMO owns and operates health centers staffed by physicians employed directly by the HMO. The health centers may also provide laboratory and x-ray services, prescription drugs, and other medical services. Inpatient treatment is provided through affiliated hospitals.

· A Group Practice HMO typically contracts with teams of multi-disciplinary physicians in private practice who agree to provide health care to the plan's members, often in tandem with their continuing private practice. Like staff models, the group model HMO delivers a broad range of services under one roof and provides inpatient services through affiliated hospitals.

· An Independent Practice Association (IPA) contracts with physicians in private practice to provide care to HMO members within a private office setting. Other health care services are provided through affiliated network hospitals and specialists.


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